We study fundamental concepts and technologies of mobile WiMAX. Also, multicasting and broadcasting service (MBS) is introduced as an application of WiMAX system. Next, we see how to simulate mobile WiMAX experiments by using NS-2.




The course assumes students have previous C/C++/MATLAB programming experience and have basic knowledge of digital signal processing and digital communication.

Required textbook

  1. Mobile Broadcasting with WiMAX, Focal Press
  2. Lecture notes (presentation files) are given to all students through the class website.



Reference books and websites


Course Description

  1. All lecture materials can be downloaded on the web site : http://ubicom.chosun.ac.kr
  2. Key technologies and features of the mobile WiMAX are introduced
  3. Applications of the mobile WiMAX are also introduced

Class grade

  • Final Exam - 40%

  • Paper presentation - 40%
  • Attendance - 20%


There will be several graded homework assignments that involve written solutions to problems and software implementations. Homework turned in late will be accepted only under extraordinary circumstances.104ac925f722564b87c49bf74a2b832a.jpg

Course outline

Week 1 - Introduction of mobile WiMAX

  • [Chapter 1] Why WIMAX for Broadcasting ?
  • [Chapter 2] Introduction to broadband wireless networks
  • [Chapter 3] Introduction to mobile multimedia

Week 2 - Understanding WiMAX I OFDMA technology

  • [Chapter 4] Understanding WiMAX

Week 3 - Understanding WiMAX II

  • [Chapter 4] Understanding WiMAX

Week 4 - Understanding WiMAX III

  • [Chapter 5] Design of WiMAX transmission networks

Week 5

  • [Chapter 11] Spectrum for WiMAX networks
  • [Chapter 12] Mobile WiMAX networks

Week 6 - Mobile WiMAX applications

  • [Chapter 15] IPTV and WiMAX
  • [Chapter 16] Mobile broadcasting using WiMAX : A technology overview

Week 7 - Mobile WiMAX simulation

Week 8 - Paper research and presentation

Week 9 - Paper research and presentation

Week 10 - Paper research and presentation

Week 11 - Paper research and presentation

Week 12 - Paper research and presentation

Week 13 - Paper research and presentation

Week 14 - Paper research and presentation

Week 15 - Final exam



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