Wireless Communication





This class surveys core technologies of transmission protocols, modulations, and error controls on wireless and mobile communication fields. Specifically, CDMA and WLAN technologies are introduced. Also, wireless and mobile communication simulation methods using NS-2 is presented in the course.

  • Medium of instruction : English
  • The class will start from September 30th, Friday because of lecturer's business trip.
  • The missed lecture will be provided before the final exam.


[WLAN configurations]


The course assumes students have previous C/C++/MATLAB programming experience and have basic knowledge of digital signal processing and digital communication.



Required textbook


  1. Wireless Communication & Networks (William Stallings)
  2. Lecture notes (presentation files) are given to all students through the class website.

Reference Books and websites





Course Description


  1. All lecture materials can be downloaded on the web site : http://ubicom.chosun.ac.kr
  2. Key technologies and features of wireless communication are introduced


All of full-time and part-time students are expected to attend the class regularly.

  • Class participation 30%
  • Assignments/term project 20 %
  • Final Exam 50 %

Course Outline

1st week - Introduction

2nd week - Transmission Fundamentals

3rd week - Protocols and the TCP/IP suite

4th week - Antennas and Propagation

5th week - Signal Encoding Techniques

6th week - Spread Spectrum

7th week - CDMA/GSM

8th week - CDMA/GSM

9th week - Coding and Error control

10th week - NS-2 simulation

11th week - Satellite systems

12th week - Mobile IP

13th week - NS-2 simulation

14th week - NS-2 simulation

15th week - final-term exam

Useful references



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